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InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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InterConsult21 is a Danish company that is located in Assens, South Region of Denmark.
We are a member of Udvikling Assens.
We are in connections with Regional Business Organizations in Denmark and Danish Embassies around the World.

We strive to deliver Unique Services to your Company.

We address the needs of your Company in your City, Region and Abroad.
Make your Business visible in new “Business Approach” with stress upon “After Sale Functions”.


We now start our Pilot Project at local level in Assens and Fyn in Denmark.

Fyn - Denmark
Why you  may join us?

Parallel with the 
Pilot Project in Fyn – Denmark;

We introduce similar Pilot Projects in Small Scales in Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt and Tanzania.


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