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Cars Industry

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Foods Industry

Real Estates Industry

Robots Industry

Tourism Industry

Drones Industry

InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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Strategic Supply Chains


Supply Chain
Producing a product until its final delivery can be described in terms of rings in connected chain. Each ring in the rain is vital.
Supply Chains consist but limited to:
Companies, Organizations, Resources, People, Information and System.

Systems spread from producing a product, naturally or by manufacturing it from raw materials and items until it is a finished product ready to transport to the end consumer.

We use InterConsult21’s integrated Concept to identify Companies, Organizations and Associations in same Industries.

InterConsult21 has clear vision for promoting Business-2-Business on Mutual Cooperation basis.
As per today;
– InterConsult21 concentrates on increasing its Members in different Businesses, Specific Services and National Services.
– InterConsult21 uses Countries Infrastructure to Align Businesses, Services on Cities and progressively creating City Profiles for thousands of Cities around the World.

InterConsult21 attracts Serious Companies, Organizations and Associations to join its Strategic Supply Chains Pool from the entire World.

We start with 7

The Cars Industry,
The Cosmetics Industry,
The Foods Industry,
The Real States Industry
The Robots Industry and
The Tourism Industry.
The Drones Industry,
        Drones Technology. UAS, UAV, RPA, R&D, Test Center, Robotics, IT, Software Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

We identify more industries. We will add them in due time.


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