InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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A City Profile in InterConsult21’s Concept is an entity in itself. It consists of severl sections.
Wide Screen City Picture – Intensive Marketing, Interviews, Articles, Facts and historical information. Companies Logos – Specific information about the City – Services Logos – Useful Public information – Tourist Attraction.

Samples of City Profiles in Denmark:

Region South, Funen:
 Assens (Glamsbjerg) | OdenseMiddelfartSvendborgFaaborgÆrøNyborgKertemindeBogenseLangeland

Remaining Cities in Region South:
AabenraaBillundEsbjerg (Ribe) | FanøFredericiaHaderslevKoldingSønderborgTønder (Roemoe) | VardeVejenVejle

Region Central Jutland:

Other Cities:
Copenhagen |  Dragør  |  Vordingborg  |  Møn |  Roskilde  | Næstved

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Advanced City Profiles

People Companies and Cities
grow together

InterConsult21 “International Consultant of the 21 Century” encourages the ever increasing awareness of the Standard of each City in the World.

Awareness is vital step to improve the Standard of living in the World.

Cities are part of Countries Histrory.
Cities reflex the time factor and how the City is developed with time. Cities span over longer period then Companies and Services.

Why InterConsult21 uses

InterConsult21 “International Consultant of the 21 Century” introduces the idea of City Profiles as part of each Country’s Infrastructure.

Our idea is simple.
Cities are and should be empowered by the direct and indirect contribution of their local Businesses, Companies, Organizations, Services, Activities and Politicians.

Cities grow with people and Companies over time. 

Natural resources, transport, easy to do Business, Investments Opportunities, High Services, Reach, Attractions, Political Support and Buildings in Cities reflex the time factor and how the City is developed with time. 
Cities History span over longer period then Companies and Services. Each City Profile is part of the Infrastructure of its Country.

Cities are linked together in a Country and abroad. Each City has access to the Business Search Engine as well as InterConsult21 Business Encyclopedia.
Making possible to tour the World from one single spot.

Members can enrich their City Profile by adding Videos, Articles and Pictures in their respective City with link back to their Company.


Business Search Engine
of InterConsult21.

SEARCH ABOUT Local, National or Global COMPANIES or ORGANIZATIONS in any Business, Service, City or Country AROUND THE WORLD.