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InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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Soft Values



In the Globalization Era, Companies and Organizations are exposed to:
      – continuous pressure, local, national and global demands to comply with law and legislation
      – improve the wellbeing of their employees, interest groups, stakeholders, shareholders as well as their Customers and Contractors
      – improve the surrounding Environment.

It is the aim of InterConsult21 to encourage Companies and Organizations who:
      – consciously exercise a Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” towards their intern  and extern  surrounding environment and
      – acquired standard certificates (e.g., specific awarded declarations) to be registered in our global pool of CSR.
This empowers trade with other similar Companies and Organizations around the World.

Invironment Improvement 
InterConslt21 classified the contribution to environment improvement into two categories:

  1. Internal Environment Improvement and
  2. External Environment Improvement.
  1. Internal Environment Improvement:

Anti-Corruption, Packing, No Abuse of Children, Sewage and Water Waste, Healthy conditions, No Discrimination, Right to join Associations, Danger Materials, Environment Friendly Materials,
Safety and Security, Medical and First Aid Help, LCA Live Cycles Assessment, Fire Safety and Protection, Forced Working Conditions, Working hours and Pause, Training, Working Environment Procedures,
Operation Conditions, GMO, Air Condition Systems, Lightening conditions, Psychic Conditions,
Residency and Sleeping conditions, Rubbish and Recycling, Air Pollution, Chemical Pollution,
Equal Opportunity, Same Salary for Same Work, Law Minimum wages, Temperature,
Toilet and Bath conditions, … any more.

  1. External Environment Improvement

Improving and supporting the surrounding, National and global, Sport activities, Youth skills, Literacy, Cultural activities, Unemployment.

Each of those improvement entitles your Company as contributer to your surrounding Social Responsibility. 
When Registering your Company with InterConsult21, please make sure to identify all that applied to your efforts. It increases your credibility.

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