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InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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InterConsult21 is operational in all Countries

Local, National and Global levels


InterConsult21 effectively presents your Company.
InterConsult21’s Business Search Engine is embedded to all Web-pages, allowing your Company to
Find and be Found.

Why join us?


– strive to satisfy your Business needs to be visible and to increase sale.
– not sharing the earnings of our Members. We have subscriptions fees and not charging a % of Members Sale.
– reach organic scale by our around 50.000 webpages.
– maintain the Net Neutrality.
– stress upon your Uniqueness.
– publish your full data to maximize your Company’s potential reach.

– apply very high security measure.
– protect you from Fraud and only accept Companies and Organizations.
– will be soon complied with EU’s Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and we observe the FaaS (Fraud as a Service).

– are not in the SEO Industry.
– do not use cookies except for statistics purposes.
– comply with “the Right to be Forgotten”.

– do not interfere manually in our Business Serch Engine. We maintain the integrity of our Concept.
– do not accept third parties advertising in all our Concept.

– use Social Media as Forums to our Members.
– have clean Websites.
– have local representatives, business managers and partners to support you Company.

– have After Sale Function to optomize your sale.
– have Consultants Pool and offer Matching Function to advice and help in manage your Business.
– currently offer our Search Engine FREE with big Discounts and No setup-Fees.

– offer yearly very low subscriptions Fees.

We do apply a horizontal approach instead of vertical one. Ensure that Members are visible without extra pay than the membership fees.
We support our Members to expand their businesses / Services at local, national and global levels.



InterConsult21’s idea is established in 2006 in North Europe.

– A “Business Search Engine” is tested and implemented in 2008.

– The first Newsletter issued in April 2009.
It is operational in all Countries and gradually covering thousands of Cities in the World.
– The Company was not active from September 2009.

– The Company is restructured and registered in 1st February 2014 in Denmark – (CVR: 26762480).

From that time, the Company:

– introduces an “Integrated Unique Concept“.

– Implemented “Secured osCommerce Payment System” to serve the Danish and International Companies.
The Payment System is powered by Nets and DIBS in 16 languages.
– Introduces “Voice short brief” in several languages.
– Builds up Websites for more than 50.000 around the World.
– Complys with the United States ‘OFAC‘ List.
– Complys with EU Regulation for Privacy ‘GDPR‘.

– Introduces New features and Functions.

– “City Profiles and City assessments“.
– ‘People Companies and Cities grow Together“.
– “Consultants Pool“.
– “Build from Within“.
– ‘Intensive Marketing“.
– “Turn-Key Integrated Package Solution“.
– “Tailored Windows Access” to Add Site to our search Engine  GLOOOBI  for specific prospective Customers (i.e., Pilot Project). 

– “Strategic Supply Chains for some Industries”.
– “Opportunities in the World“.

– “Just To” to many Services and Industries.

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Business Search Engine
of InterConsult21.

SEARCH ABOUT Local, National or Global COMPANIES or ORGANIZATIONS in any Business, Service, City or Country AROUND THE WORLD.