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InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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Add Site of your Company or Organizations.

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You can Now Add Site of your Company or Organizations to our Business Sercah Engine for FREE.
You need a Website Page and valid e-mail address. Subject to approval, your Site will be visible and accessable from all our Webpages.


How to Add Site


Select where to add Your Site. (i.e., at a Branch listed in Businesses or Services or Geographically at Country, Municipality / Governorate level.

After you select a Category / Sub Category, you click on Add Site and enter the requested information.  

Your Company’s / Organization’s description will ease finding your Business. We encourage you to add what is really
unique to your Company.

1. Select right (Category)


You are in the Services Branch and like to Add Site of your Branch in Bed & Breakfast:.
You select the right Category:  Bed & Breakfast Services – Just to Sleep
The following will appear:

You Click at Add Site.  

 2. Add Site

You add the requested info.

When you finish add your data, click Submit.

How many site you can Add:

→ You can Now Add up to 2 Sites at different places in the Search Engine using the same e-mail address.
For example:
Add at my Country (e.g. Europe ,,, Norway in English or Norwegian language using Latin letters).
Add at my Core Business (Business .. e.g. Furniture) or
my Core Services (Services … e.g. Bed and Breakfast).

You can also add your Company across the global border at our Strategic Supply Chains.
Add at The Strategic Supply Chains for Foods Industry








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