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InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

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Our Vision
Mutual Cooperation


Despite Our current economical and financial crises ;  the World shows high responsibility and willingness in dealing with our global threat.

Developed countries and developing Countries are members of a shared planet . What is hurting one Country today is instantly hurting others.
We are all partners in responsibilities and need to be partners in opportunities as well.

Asking Developed Countries to PAY for Developing Countries is a wrong Question and Attitude.
Developed Countries should not exploit our resources without limits…yet they should not be stopped in inventing new know how, products and technology.
Developed Countries should not wait and see and must actively participate in improving the living standard in their own and in the world.
Developed Countries ought to open their countries to MUTUAL BASED JOINT VENTURES to encourage the cooperation with Developed Countries. Raising the world Standard of Living is only possible through cooperation and sharing.

The World will be able to cope with Global Challenges only when we all POSITIVELY ACT together.

In Practical terms, InterConsult21 advocates that Businesses Owners, Companies and Organizations empower Nations to have STRONG OBLIGATION towards our Global Order and Environment.

Be part of our Concept and Join our efforts and vision.

Successful ventures. Mutual Cooperation. Positive Return on Inviduals.

German, Danish, Spanish and Egyptian Joint Venture. 

Egypt’s first large-scale wind farm is Zaafarana which was built in 2000- 2001. The wind farm is located near the Red Sea coast, with average wind speeds above 9 metres per second.
The Zaafarana Wind Park Project is a German, Danish, Spanish and Egyptian joint venture operating since 2001. Located 120 km south of Suez on the Read Sea.

InterConsult21’s in depth VISION


InterConsult21’s Vision is to increase cooperation between Companies and Organizations at Local National and
Global Levels Across Global Businesses, and Services.

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