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InterConsult21 (ID: 26762480) is a Danish Danish  registered Consultant Company and owner of an integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

Intensive Promotion for selected Companies / Organizations ... and ... Shopping Cart.


InterConsult21 is operational in all Countries

Local, National and Global levels

InterConsult21 effectively presents your Company.
InterConsult21’s Business Search Engine is embedded to all Web-pages, allowing your Company to
Find and be Found.


InterConsult21 is our official name for a Business 2 Business Concept.

InterConsult21 strives to deliver Unique Services to your Company. We deal with Companies and Organizations only.

We have a Global Vision, we constantly search for World Opportunities, introducing “B2B New Approach” and “After Sale Functions” with stress upon uniqueness.

[ … without being able to deliver something unique … we might be seen as one of many … InterConsult21’s CEO.]

We address the need for sole proprietorship, small, middle and big size companies to promote their business, services, and products at local, national and global levels.
InterConsult21 is operational in 5 Regions and 239 Countries. We comply with the EU’s GDPR new privacy regulation and OFAC.
We implemented a fully owned, embedded and managed “Business Search Engine” in the entire administrative divisions of those 239 Countries.

Our Services span from Just to … Eat, Sleep, Sell Manufactures to Strategic Supply Chains for products and services in some Industries across nations. We tailored an Integrated Turnkey Solution for our deliverables.

We use our Online Concept to reach our prospective members.
We use our Web pages to inform About Us and our Company, to search and get access to our Business Search Engine, to Add Site, to enroll Companies at our Search Engine (e.g., Geographically, at proper services or as part of Strategic Supply Chains for several Industries), to register potential Consultants, to Shopping and to register full members using our secured Payment System.

We have a Business Center as part of our Build From Within / After Sales Services that include but not limited to Join Us, Marketing, Consultants Pool, Business Encyclopedia, CSR Register, and Authentic – Known to Us Register.

We can be reached in several ways. Contact Us, joining our Newsletter. Social Contact.

We constantly improve our look to reach our potential members. We published a White Paper, samples from Worldwide City Profile and Video Clips.

We are introducing Mobile App for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

We provide a menu with quick links to each activity in our Company.


Business Search Engine
of InterConsult21.

SEARCH ABOUT Local, National or Global COMPANIES or ORGANIZATIONS in any Business, Service, City or Country AROUND THE WORLD.