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Welcome to your Company's Registration to our Integrated Business 2 Business Concept.

- Before you start the Registration, please browse a guideline about Uniqueness.

- Please, enter your Comany's data in the following 3 easy to follow sections.

- Each single information is designed to Increase Your Visibility, Marketing and Sales all over the World.

- You can add all available information and update it later.

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Basic Company's Information:
Unique Description and 
Marketing in your own Country and abrod:
Contact Name: Name of Contact Person *
Select Features that Describe Your Company. (Multi Choice. Click CTRL and the Mouse): Select all Features that describe your Consultants Company*
Email Address: Company's Email Address *
Enter Your Company's Unique Keywords. Max 25 Unique Keywords: Keywords: Max 20-25 Keywords about your Company. Activities: May include Significant Prjects at hand or already done. References: Most Important References. [Uniqueness: What makes your company special? Why to do business or buy from you and not others?]  Examples: Technology, Patented Product, Special Service, Professions, Fast Delivery. Affordable Prices, Vision, Marketing, etc., etc.,  Just what is your company's advantage compared to others? *
Re-Enter Email Address: RE-WRITE - Company's Email Address *

(Example of Keywords:Integrated,local national global,Business 2 Business ... are considered as 3 (separated by comma) Keywords. Keywords should identify your Core Unique Features. These words together with the Selected Features from the Form will be strong basis for your Business Company's Profile).

Enler Company's Name and Year of Starting.: Your Company's Official Name. Year of starting your Company. *
** Select Marketing in Your Country and Abroad - Alphabetic. (Multi Choice. Click CTRL and the Mouse): Marketing Areas: Your National Market. Your Global Markets *
Enter Head of Company: Name of the Head of your Company *

** Available For Package II and Package III only.
"Max first 20 for Package II. Max first 50 for Package III".

Enter Telephone. Mobile (Type Mobile and add the Number), Fax (Type Fax and add the Number): Main Telephone / Mobile / Fax. *
Select an Integrated Package:  Select a Package that suits your need at local, national or global level. *
Enter Company's ID (Name of Legal Registration Authority and Your Company Registration): Main Telephone / Mobile / Fax. *
Beside this Registration Form, You need to complete your Membership and order a suitable Package.
(for more detail, please visit our Shopping Cart)

Select Type of Business. (Multi Choice. Click CTRL and the Mouse): Select Apllicable Company's Type of Businesses. *
When you entered all requested fields, you will receive a confirmation for concluding this Registration Form.
Your Membership will be pending until you order a Package.
Select at least one of the 3 Categories for:  Businesses, Services and National Services that best describes your Company.  You can select up to 3 Categories.

Select Your Business: Select - Company's Business
Enter Your Company's Web (if you do not have one, please Type: No Web): If not avaliable. TYPE: No Web *
Select Services: Select - Company's Service
Select Languages. (Multi Choice. Click CTRL and the Mouse): Your Company's Communication Languages. *

Select Your National Services: Select - Company's National Service
Enter Professional Memberships, References, Current Activities: Membership in National and International Organizations. *
Geographic location of your Company:
Select Result of Advanced Search: Result of Searh. *
Select Region: The Region of the Company *
Section 3
Select Country: The Country of Company *
Additional data that increase your Visibility, Matching and attracts Businesses and Customers.
Enter City: City of the Company. Governorate or Municipality. *
Select Standard Certificates. (Multi Choice. Click CTRL and the Mouse): Select All Certificates that are acquired by your Company. If you have other Cerificates, please email us to include them. *
Enter Governorate / Municipality: Governorate or Municipality. *
Select CSR. (COMPLY with Internal / External legislation) (Multi Choice. Click CTRL and the Mouse): Select all Improvements by your Company as contribution to its Corporate Social Responsibility. *
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