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Samples of Video Clips from Denmark
Danmark the oldest Kingdom in the World

King Christian the 10th. CX
Toender, South. 

Aabenraa Beauty.
Aabenraa. South.

Paper Museeum.
Silkeborg. Central Jutland.

Kerteminde. Funen. South.

Johannes Larsen Museum.
Kerteminde. Funen. South.

Kerteminde. Funen. South.

Kaffe Risteri.
Kolding. South.

Estate Wine.
Holstebro. Central Jutland.

Vejen. South. 

Knife Maker.
Skaarop, Fumen. South.

Odense Antik.
Odense. Funen. South.

Odense Bazar.
Odense. Funen. South. 

Ernst Museum.
Assens. Funen. South.

Hørvævsmuseet Glamsbjerg.
Assens. Funen. South.

Skoda Museum Glamsbjerg.
Assens. Funen. South. 

Silkeborg Museum.
Silkeborg. Central Jutland. 

Toldboldhus Museum.
Assens. Funen. South.

Vejen Museet
Vejen. South.

Faaborg Museum
Faaborg. Funen. South 

Peter Willemoes Museum
Assens. Funen. South.

All above videos are part of the “City Profile” of presented “Companies” and “Museums as Non Profit Organizations”. Videos highlight, in short, the Uniqueness of each Company / Organization. 

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